Epoxy floor coverings add a decorative look and color to the area where it is applied. In addition to being clean, hygienic and easy, it is used in hotels, hospitals, offices, sports areas and industrial areas with its durable and strong structure.


  • ✔ It is hygienic.
  • ✔ Gives an aesthetic appearance.
  • ✔ It has high chemical resistance.
  • ✔ Provides high mechanical .
  • ✔ It can be applied quickly.
  • ✔ Easy to clean.
  • ✔ Provides a wide range of colors
  • ✔ It has ease of maintenance.
  • ✔ It is safe.
  • ✔ It is economical.
  • ✔ It is non-slip and impermeable.
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